Semenyeh: A New Hope?

After the disappointing result at Cameron Highlands on the 26th of January 2019, they are many things that should be brought into consideration for the next by-election in Semenyih.

The most important thing to be brought up into consideration is the main person that is going to be the candidate of the by-election. The first impression towards the candidate from the people is going to determine the chances of winning the election.

Therefore, today I am going to list and elaborate my personal opinion on the kind of values that a leader should have if they were to be the candidate of the by-election in Semenyih.

Firstly, being a leader is not just about appearing with a suit and tie and start ordering people around but it is about having a complete integrity when we are dealing with people around us.

Integrity as a whole means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. A leader with complete integrity are good at guiding people and helping them throughout hardships and conflicts.

This means that when the people need the leader’s help, the leader will be there to honestly guide them in the right way, both morally and physically.

This could decrease a lot of conflicts surrounding race and religion especially in a multicultural country like Malaysia.

Next, the candidate should also be someone who is very insightful when it comes to handling a lot of issues and also when it comes to making a better change in the area itself.

The meaning of insightful simply means that the person with this value could show an accurate and deep understanding to certain matters.

Having this value could prove to the people that this person takes important matters such as economic and social issues into a very serious consideration. Most problems surrounding most issues could be settled in a very brilliant manner instead of chaotic.

An example of a person that possesses this value is Dr Muhammad Faiz Bin Na’Aman one of BERSATU youngest Supreme Council Member. He gave a lot of insightful comments towards the importance of the by-election on his Facebook page, showing the people on how he carries small matters into hand and making it his own. He also wrote an article titled, ‘Belajar Dari Bushido Orang Jepun’ which was published on MalaysiaKini on 2018.

In this article, he wrote about the history of Malays and compare it to Malays nowadays. It is brilliantly written and it is important for the people to know what is happening in Malaysia right now. This article of his gave his readers the understanding of being a someone that is more disciplined and honorable.

Thirdly, being a well informed person is also an important trait in becoming a leader. A well informed person could have many other traits but one in particular would be a person that is educated.

An educated person could systematically solve and arrange a lot of conflicts in order. In 2018 alone, there are around 61% young women that had fulfilled the requirements to graduate from their respective schools.

This gives us a broader awareness to have women as one of the candidate of the by-election of 2019. This gives women in Malaysia a platform to believe that they too could be leaders as they are legally qualified to be one. Having a female leader in Malaysia could also mean it is the beginning of a new era and people could grow to be more open minded and accepting.

Education in 2019 is not the same as it was 20 years ago. Today, people could major in communication and also baking and many more and still be considered as an educated person. Therefore, a leader or a candidate that pushes education to be one of the important aspects in their time of being a leader will succeed at being leader in general.

A person who is educated would also try to use technological advances in order to sustain a very modern life especially in an era that is filled with amazing innovations, 2019.

As a conclusion, the candidates for the by-election should absolutely possess all of the traits and many more if they were to be elected to represent Semenyih.

A good politician is an individual who is involved in influencing public policies and decision making in the government. With that much power, the people should be wise to choose someone that could bring excellent change and become a great role model for everyone else.

I hope both the Rakyat and Party would take this as an important matter before voting and making sure that the candidate that is being chosen is someone that is qualified in all terms.


Mahathir Mohd Rais

National Youth Exco


29 January 2019