Today’s result was obviously not a result that we have all expected. Even though it was not easy to build the expectation that we possesed, there were still major flaws that people could point out before the election happened.

Sometimes we can’t change what is already meant to be. To be conquered twice is an indication that the candidate for the election is not all that bright. It looks like the locals prefer to have their own people representing them and we were naive to not give more attention to what the locals want.

Maybe it is time for us to consider this as a solution for future elections? Sad to reflect upon it, but sometimes reality is never gratifying.

Thanks to all the volunteers that worked hard to keep the spirits going and always had the most important treasure that a man could possess for their country which is patriotism.

A quick lesson to be learned from this tragedy is to always be humble and accepting to both your associates and also your nemesis to make sure that nobody wasted their time for nothing.

That might have been the disappointing part of the conversation but what’s more important is that the volunteers were very enthusiastic and it showed how working together as a group could give us more insight on what to expect in the near future.

As a conclusion, the general public had made their decision and it was with absolute accuracy that Barisan Nasional won this election in Cameron Highlands. Congratulations on your victory.


Mahathir Mohd Rais

National Youth Exco


26 January 2019